Matt Cassel Has Several Broken Bones In His Foot


Teddy Bridgewater got his first sniff of NFL action Sunday after Matt Cassel was forced from the game with an injured foot, and now it appears Teddy’s stay will be more than a temporary one.

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After the Vikings’ 20-9 loss to New Orleans, Mike Zimmer revealed that Cassel suffered several broken bones in his foot. That sounds like the kind of injury that could put a man on the shelf for an extended period.

With Cassel seemingly down for a long time, the Teddy Bridgewater era can officially begin in Minnesota.

And that will mean Christian Ponder is now your #2 quarterback.

Bridgewater’s debut went about as well as you could have hoped given the circumstances. Dropped into the middle of a hostile environment against an 0-2 team fighting to keep its season alive, Bridgewater showed poise and command and, at the very least, did not exacerbate the Vikings’ problems.

Teddy leading the Vikings to a comeback would have been an amazing story but it didn’t play out that way. Instead of a fairy tale debut, Bridgewater made a reasonable successful bow.

At least we know Bridgewater can handle the pressure of the moment without getting overwhelmed. And he looked pretty good eluding the rush.

He’ll get a chance to start next weekend against Atlanta barring any unforeseen occurrences. With Matt Cassel looking like he’ll be down for awhile, this is now Teddy Bridgewater’s team. Even if Teddy isn’t quite yet ready.