Report: Vikings ‘Do Not Foresee Adrian Peterson In Their Future’


The Vikings are in a holding pattern with Adrian Peterson right now, but at some point a more permanent decision will need to be made regarding the running back and his future with the team.

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According to one report, the Vikings may already be well on their way to making up their minds about a course of action with Peterson. And that course of action involves learning to live without him.

Chris Mortensen said Sunday morning that, according to team sources, the Vikings “do not foresee Peterson in their future.”

A statement both ominous and vague.

Mortensen indicated that Peterson himself has not yet come to grips with the reality of his situation (via

"“Several league sources say Adrian Peterson has not come to grips with the fact that his 2014 has all but officially ended,” Mortensen said Sunday morning. “His goal to break Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record is now a fading dream. And his future is in doubt after being indicted for these child abuse charges related to inflicting injuries on his four-year old son.”"

Here’s the most likely scenario in my mind: Peterson stays on the Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission List for the remainder of the season, then at some point after the year the Vikings attempt to trade him and his large salary.

Trading Peterson now would be impossible given how radioactive he is, but making a deal once the heat has died down might be possible. The Vikings’ move to stash him on the exempt list buys time for the situation to clarify so they can work things out to their best financial advantage.

Will a trade be possible even after the season? Dealing with that contract situation will be tough, but it could be made to work if you went to Peterson and made him see how it would be in his best interests to re-do his contract to facilitate a trade.

At that point, Peterson might feel like getting out of Minnesota would be the best thing for him, so he might be willing to take less money to make a trade.

Would Dallas or Houston be willing to make a deal? Maybe.

If no trade can be made, the Vikings then would likely cut Peterson, dumping him onto the open market to fend for himself.

It’s highly unlikely that Peterson would get a free agent deal for anything like the kind of money the Vikings owe him on his current contract. Yet another piece of leverage to use against him in a re-negotiation scenario.

We’re still months away from a final resolution of the Peterson situation, but it’s already looking like that resolution will involve the Vikings moving on from Peterson.

Amazing how fast things have deteriorated since the giddy aftermath of the week 1 victory against the Rams.