Minnesota Vikings Moral Victory Rankings, Week 3


The scoreboard says the Vikings lost Sunday to the Saints, but sometimes it’s not as simple as wins and losses. Sometimes when you lose you really win.

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The Vikings fell to 1-2 but the future looks brighter than ever. It makes perfect sense. It really does.

10.Adrian Peterson

Lamenting the loss of Peterson feels so middle-of-last-week. It’s a passing league now anyway, you don’t need a big-time running back. The Vikings will be better off without him and his bloated contract.

I respect the man but condemn the action. That’s how I roll. #Faith

9. Cordarrelle Patterson

Look, eventually Patterson will become a big part of this offense. I swear. It just takes time. #Patience

8. Matt Cassel

He held down the fort until the cavalry could arrive. Mad props Matt. You gave your body to the cause. There’s a place for you in Vikings lore alongside Jeff George, Gus Frerotte and Brad Johnson. #Respect

7. Chad Greenway

Played with a broken hand? Never question the man’s toughness.

Question his wheels if you want. Question his coverage. Question his ability to get off blocks. But never doubt the heart. #Courage

6. Brandon Fusco

Okay I get it now. I really do.


5. Screw the Saints

I just wanted to drop this in here. Eff this team. #ScrewDat

4. Captain Munnerlyn

I guess you can’t “suplex” the quarterback. Noted. #TheTrueCaptain

3. Mike Zimmer

The final score should have been 40-9. But Zim wouldn’t let that happen. He only has about two NFL-quality DBs right now and he still frustrated Drew Brees and shut down the Saints enough to keep the Vikings in the game. #Blitzmaster

2. Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater kept his head out there and showed that he is a true leader of men. Two gloves, one heart. #ItBegins

1. The fans

We got a coach and a quarterback. Now all we need is a bunch more players and a stadium. #SKOLVIKINGS