With Help from Teddy Bridgewater, Jarius Wright Finally Has Break Out Game


It took him a few years, but Jarius Wright finally had his break out game.

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The one-time fourth-round pick out of Arkansas made a play here or there across his first two years in the league, but nothing like Sunday.

Against the Falcons’ alarmingly slow defense, the speedy Wright racked up 132 yards on 8 catches. Most of his best work came on bubble screens and crossing routes, the kind of patterns that have helped make Percy Harvin a superstar.

It could have been an even bigger day for Wright had Teddy Bridgewater not overthrown him on a deep sideline route where Wright had his man beaten by a step.

That was about the only time all day that Teddy failed to connect with Wright. Bridgewater was mostly deadly accurate when targeting Wright, hitting him in stride and allowing him to run with the ball.

Short ball accuracy has not always been there for Vikings QBs in recent years, which certainly hasn’t helped Wright’s development.

It appears that Bridgewater and Wright have good chemistry, whatever that word actually means. After the game, some were quick to point out how much Bridgewater and Wright had worked together on the second team in preseason.

Wright expressed how thankful he was to finally make a big impact on the stat sheet after two mostly nondescript seasons.

Norv Turner clearly made a conscious effort to get Wright involved, believing that Wright’s speed could be killer against a plodding Falcons defense.

The result: a career-high 10 targets for Wright and a 16.5 YPC average.

Wright vs. the Falcons was a great match-up and Jarius made the most of the opportunity.