Minnesota Vikings Week 4 Non-Liability Rankings


The Vikings took it to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, earning their first-ever regular season win at TCF Bank Stadium while evening their season record at 2-2.

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Some players who have been liabilities for the Vikings in previous games managed to not make a mess of things this week, which certainly helped the effort.

Let’s count down this week’s top ten non-liabilities.

10.Vlad Ducasse

Brandon Fusco is out for the season and Vlad Ducasse is in at right guard. Ducasse stayed through the whole game without getting injured or yanked and I can only remember him committing one penalty. And the Vikings ran the ball effectively up the middle but that may have just been the Falcons sucking.

9. Chad Greenway

Didn’t play, therefore couldn’t hurt anything.

8. Matt Asiata

Took about 600 hand-offs from Teddy Bridgewater on read-option runs up the gut, gained an average of 0.5 yards per carry. But had a bunch of touchdowns because the Falcons absolutely could not stop the Vikings’ run game in the red zone. At all.

7. Adrian Peterson

Sent the team an inspirational text before the game. I guess you could say he whipped them into shape?

6. Blair Walsh

Missed another field goal because wind patterns (I guess). Came back later and banged through a key 55-yarder. Put a bunch of kicks through the end zone to keep Devin Hester from being able to return it. Speaking of which…

5. Special teams vs. Devin Hester

The Vikings have gotten torn up by Devin Hester in the past (as you may have heard). They still had problems with Hester on offense this week but on special teams he didn’t do much. The Vikings kept the ball away from him totally on one punt, but that may actually have been terrible execution by Jeff Locke. On another punt he was shoved out by Jabari Price for a small gain. On another return he was tackled by Audie Cole. He didn’t go off on returns. So, good job Mike Priefer.

4. Matt Kalil

Woah, Matt Kalil actually had a decent game. Would now be the wrong time to point out that the Falcons’ defensive line is incredibly bad? Naw, let’s give Kalil props. For this week he was…not a liability.

3. Josh Robinson

When Josh Robinson actually plays the correct coverage technique he can be pretty solid. The issues for him seem to mostly be mental. Physically he seems able to get the job done. Please don’t mention his interception which happened in total garbage time on a desperation heave. Please.

2. Xavier Rhodes

Well well, Xavier Rhodes. Look at you knocking the ball away from receivers. Look at you tackling. Look at you covering the deep ball. Look at you only getting called for one penalty. Look at you not getting screamed at. Just look at you, young man.

1. Christian Ponder

Handed off several times, ran once, did not attempt a pass. Whew.