Report: Assistant GM George Paton Staying Put In Minnesota


Rick Spielman’s second-in-command George Paton has been mentioned in connection with GM openings in both Chicago and New York, but according to a report Paton has spurned both those potential offers in favor of remaining in Minnesota (at least for the time being).

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Dan Pompei says Paton will not interview for either the Bears or Jets but will remain with the Vikings to help Rick Spielman continue building a winner.

Paton is such a hot commodity and so well respected in league circles that at this point he can apparently pick his job. And he does not want to pick the Bears or Jets.

Considering how much disarray both the Bears and Jets are in right now, it’s probably wise for Paton to pass on those opportunities and wait for something to come along next year.

Paton would probably prefer not to step into a situation where ownership is desperate to win now, as is the case in both Chicago and New York. If you’re a front office type looking to take over an organization, you would rather go to a place where ownership has a long-term plan and won’t be looking to fire your ass if you don’t win the Super Bowl within two years.

George Paton didn’t get to be well respected by being an idiot.