Steve Smith Tried to Fight Jermaine Wiggins After Ravens-Patriots Game


This is a story about how big a d–k Steve Smith is. It concerns former Vikings TE Jermaine Wiggins, a guy who played with Smith on the Panthers for a couple years before joining Minnesota.

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The background on the story goes like this. Wiggins said some unflattering things about Smith during a recent radio appearance, calling Smith a bully. Smith heard about this and confronted Wiggins at the stadium after Saturday’s Ravens-Patriots playoff game.

Radio personality Marc Bertrand shared an account of the altercation between Wiggins and Smith (via

"“Steve Smith Sr., after the game, was going over to the team buses, which are parked under the stands at Gillette Stadium, and Jermaine Wiggins was there. Wiggy was at the game. If you were there, you saw him on the sideline screaming at the crowd on the mic, trying to get people going…With his family, his lovely wife and his boys were there, and they were at the game, and Wiggy was doing some media work as well. [Smith] approaches Wiggy and wants to talk about, ‘You called me a bully. I heard you called me a bully.’To which, Wiggy said: ‘I did call you a bully. You know you are one.’And I talked to Wiggy about it. He said at that point I thought he was, you know, just kind of busting chops and wasn’t like serious. Then all of a sudden, it got like really violent and he was in my face looking for a fight! He tried to fight Jermaine Wiggins after the game.And so, a number of people got in between them.”"

Smith’s former teammate Brandon LaFell was reportedly one of the people who intervened to prevent a full-on fight. Reportedly, Wiggins became very hot during the altercation and began screaming at Smith “You won’t do nothing! You won’t do nothing! You’re a b–ch, you won’t do nothing!”

So no, Steve Smith is not mellowing with age. And apparently Jermaine Wiggins can still get pretty riled up as well.