Greg Jennings Sends Message of Support to Brandon Bostick


Brandon Bostick is getting crushed in Green Bay after his gaffe yesterday that allowed the Seahawks to recover an onside kick as part of their improbable comeback victory over the Packers.

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Bostick has taken responsibility for the mistake, but that’s not good enough for some Packer fans, who have been attacking him on Twitter and even sending him death threats.

Former Packer wideout Greg Jennings knows what it feels like to run afoul of the rabid Green Bay fanbase, having come in for the same kind of abuse after he left the Packers and joined the Vikings.

So Jennings can relate to Bostick’s current plight. The receiver reached out to the current Packer whipping boy with a tweet telling him to hang in:

Fans have cause to be upset with Bostick after his mistake, but taking it to the level they’ve taken it, threatening the man bodily, is just ridiculous.

And this has nothing to do with their being Packer fans. I would say the same thing about any Viking fans that pulled that kind of crap with a Minnesota player.

You’re a fan, you have a right to boo and you have a right to be torqued off when your team blows a game they should win. And it’s okay to sometimes single out guys who mess up and let them have it a little.

But there’s a line you don’t cross. You don’t heckle them in the parking lot like that nitwit did with Matt Kalil (Kalil’s response was equally stupid, BTW) and you definitely don’t threaten to kill them.

Cool of Greg Jennings to reach out and let Bostick know he’s thinking about him. Jennings realizes how brutal those “great” Green Bay fans can get when they’re mad.