Fran Tarkenton Thinks Everyone In the NFL is On PEDs (Video)


CNN had Vikings legend Fran Tarkenton on to talk about Deflategate, but Fran didn’t want to talk about Deflategate, he wanted to get into the real scandal that no one’s talking about: PEDs in the NFL.

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According to Fran, pretty much everyone in the NFL is taking PEDs. He knows because he talks to trainers. He’s been saying it for years but no one will listen to him.

The CNN stooge cuts Fran off in the middle of his rant, because all of a sudden CNN is concerned about having “evidence” and “facts” before they make claims. Riiiight. CNN, that bastion of journalistic integrity. They’re all about the facts.

Or, are they scared of Fran because they’re in the NFL’s back pocket just like most of the media? Fran is obviously on to something here or they wouldn’t be trying to shut him up.

Keep on telling the truth Fran. Keep on blowing the whistle. Keep on preaching the gospel.

Who cares about a few deflated footballs when the real problem is inflated players?

I know how the naysayers will respond to Tarkenton. They’ll say he sounds like another embittered old athlete who can’t stand watching younger guys come along and break his records and make more money than he ever made.

Trust me, that’s not the case with Fran. He has plenty of money. He had plenty of glory in his day. He’s not just jealous of the young guys who are putting up bigger numbers than him. He knows the truth. He wants that truth to get out but the media is trying to keep him quiet.

We never listen to the Fran Tarkentons of the world until it’s too late.