RIP Vikings Trade Rumors: Josh Gordon Facing One-Year Ban


That big Josh Gordon reunion with Norv Turner will have to wait until 2016 it appears. The Browns WR, who has been connected to the Vikings in numerous wild and improbable trade rumors, has reportedly run afoul of the NFL once again and is facing another big suspension.

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Gordon has flunked another drug test and is set to be suspended for the entire 2015 season.

Gordon was supposed to be suspended for the entire 2014 season but was reinstated for the last few weeks after winning an appeal. The Browns were hoping the threat of a year-long suspension would keep Gordon from messing up again but evidently their hopes were in vain.

Speculation about Gordon possibly being shipped to Minnesota was mostly built around the premise that a reunion with Norv Turner, who guided him to a record-setting performance in 2013, would be good for the receiver’s production.

Under such scenarios, the Vikings would have had to willingly risk a draft pick or picks in a trade for a player who was always one strike away from being suspended an entire season. Today’s development shows why that would have been a terrible risk.

With Josh Gordon officially out of the picture, fans of wildly improbable acquisition scenarios will have to focus on Dez Bryant. Hey, maybe the Giants will give us Odell Beckham for Adrian Peterson!

Smoking that kind of stuff is what got Josh Gordon in trouble.