Brett Favre Says He Was Wrong to Retire Early


Former Packers and Vikings QB Brett Favre is now ready to admit that he made a mistake in the way he handled his departure from Green Bay. In an interview this weekend, Favre said he never should have announced his retirement in 2008.

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Favre told “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” that he only made the retirement announcement because he felt he owed it to the Packers to make a decision (via

"“I should have stood my ground and not retired early,” Favre said. “…Mike [McCarthy] wanted to know and that’s – as a head coach of a team or Ted Thompson’s job as a GM, I think, rightfully so, they need to know which direction they’re going to go in. But there was nothing in the rulebook that said I had to give them an answer until the day of the training camp.”"

It’s an interesting statement from Favre. He indicates that he was pressured into making a decision that, by rule, he was not required to make at that time. But he says he understands why the Packers felt the need to put that pressure on him.

Not sure how much this helps him in making his case with Packer fans as he tries to win his way back into their good graces. He sounds a little apologetic but also a little defiant. And a lot Favre.

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