Adrian Peterson Takes On Kevin Hart in a Foot Race (Video)


In case you’re wondering what Adrian Peterson’s been doing with his free time, here’s a partial answer. He’s still doing his comedy tour stuff. And he’s been keeping in shape by racing comedians in the street.

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Peterson was in Texas with his comedy pal Kevin Hart when Hart challenged Adrian to a foot race. In the middle of the street. At 1 AM. Gonna guess some drinking preceded this particular athletic spectacle.

Video of the epic 1 AM foot race was posted online. I won’t spoil it for you by revealing who won. But yeah, you can probably guess.

I think Adrian may have been toying with Hart a little bit there. He kept it close at first then put on the jets and pulled away. Well at least Adrian is keeping himself in shape. We know he can still outrun a comedian on pavement.

No reason for us to worry about Adrian losing his focus and commitment after missing almost an entire season. He’ll be back this year and better than ever. With some team.

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