Charles Johnson, Anthony Barr Interviewed On Super Bowl Radio Row (Video)


The Vikings may not be in the Super Bowl this year but that doesn’t mean the team doesn’t have a presence at the Super Bowl festivities in Arizona. Both Anthony Barr and Charles Johnson are hanging out at Super Bowl week, and both got a chance to be interviewed on radio row.

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First off, here’s Charles Johnson talking about his hard road to becoming a starter with the Vikings. He also talks a little bit about Teddy Bridgewater’s development. Note that Johnson made sure to represent the purple by wearing a Vikings jacket.

And here’s a little taste of Anthony Barr. NOT wearing any Vikings gear, by the way. Has the Subway shirt. That’s cool, you have to keep the corporate partners happy as well. Anthony seems pretty savvy when it comes to pushing product. He’ll do well for himself on the field and off the field.

Barr talks about making the transition from running back to linebacker, and also talks a little about being taught by Mike Zimmer. According to Barr, coach Zimmer “Likes doing things his way.” Barr also predicts that the Vikings will have a top 5 defense next year.

OOOOOOH predictions!

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