Teddy Bridgewater Appears to Have Won Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award


The Pepsi Rookie of the Year award isn’t supposed to be revealed until later tonight, but the winner appears to have leaked early.

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If the leak is in fact true, then Teddy Bridgewater is your Pepsi Rookie of the Year winner.

The leak first came to light on Twitter when someone noticed this on NFL.com:

Bridgewater then seemed to confirm the award in a statement to Mark Craig of the Star-Tribune.

Teddy Bridgewater appears to have a chip on his shoulder.

Bridgewater’s apparent ROY victory will likely not set well with fans of Odell Beckham Jr., who arguably was the most dynamic and exciting offensive rookie in the NFL this year. But Bridgewater did what he did playing quarterback, and that has to factor in.

Teddy had to overcome a lot of crap this year. He was thrown into the fire earlier than expected. He had some injuries. His offensive line was brutal. His supposed #1 receiver Cordarrelle Patterson gave him nothing. His running game was inconsistent at best without Adrian Peterson.

Despite all that, Bridgewater had one of the best rookie seasons ever for a QB and was arguably one of the top 5 QBs in the league over the last month of the season.

That’s good enough to win rookie of the year. Even if he didn’t actually win rookie of the year. We’ll find out later today for sure.

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