Vikings GM Rick Spielman Takes the Polar Plunge (Video)


It takes a lot of courage to be an NFL GM. Handling the pressure of the draft. Negotiating with free agents. Dealing with personnel issues that crop up during the course of the season. These situations will test any man’s nerves.

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We already know that Rick Spielman has ice water running through his veins when it comes to dealing with the stresses of being a GM, but now we know he might have ice water literally running through his veins.

I have to give Spielman credit: I would not have the guts to do this. Leap into freezing water? Nope. No way. Not on purpose. Not on a bet. Not even for the Special Olympics.

Spielman took the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics and he took it like boss. And yeah, he got to show off the guns. You have to show off the guns.

That’s the most uncomfortable I’ve seen Spielman look since that press conference where they apologized for letting Adrian Peterson come back.

As dumb as it might be to plunge into freezing water, that is far from the dumbest plunge Spielman has ever taken. The dumbest was in 2011 when he used the #12 pick on Christian Ponder.

Spielman is lucky he didn’t drown after taking that particular flying leap.

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