Duron Carter Got No Signing Bonus From Colts


From the outside, it surely seemed like a lot of teams were very interested in Duron Carter. Some speculated that the bidding for Carter could result in him receiving a $100,000 signing bonus, a huge bonus for a player coming out of the CFL.

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That speculation turned out to be way off. Exactly $100,000 off, as a matter of fact.

When all was said and done, Duron Carter signed with the Indianapolis Colts for three years at $1.575 million with only $25,000 in guaranteed money and no signing bonus whatsoever.

Those numbers seem to imply that the pursuit of Carter was not nearly as vigorous as we were led to believe. And they also beg the question: how hard of a push did the Vikings make for Carter in the end?

If the Vikings weren’t even willing to better the Colts’ offer by kicking in a small signing bonus, then they clearly weren’t that interested.

On the other hand, how do we know the Vikings didn’t offer Carter a better deal?

It’s possible the Vikings did make a better offer to Carter but were spurned anyway. It’s possible Carter decided he would rather play in Indianapolis for less money than join the Vikings.

Either narrative does not exactly look rosy if you’re a Viking fan who wanted Carter. Either the team never coveted him that much, or he didn’t want to play for them that much. Or both.

Makes you wonder how sincere Carter was when he talked about the Vikings being his first choice.

It’s hardly anything to get upset about at any rate. Duron Carter may have talent but he’s a long-shot to make it in the league. Good luck to him in Indianapolis. If he flops, the Colts don’t stand to lose very much.

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