What Was Vikings Fan Josh Duhamel Doing at Grammys With Patriots Players? (GIF)


The Vikings don’t have a lot of celebrity superfans, but they do at least have Josh Duhamel. Or they DID have Josh Duhamel. Do they still have Josh Duhamel?

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I ask because last night Josh Duhamel made an appearance at the Grammys with a couple of football players who are NOT Vikings. Josh Duhamel CHEATED on the Vikings with a couple of Patriots.

Here’s supposed Vikings superfan Duhamel trying to walk up the stairs to the Grammys stage with Patriots Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler.

Oh he tripped? That’s not funny at all. No KARMA involved there.

We need clarification from Duhamel. Is he still a Vikings superfan or not? Cause right now he looks like a traitor.

It would be just like a shallow, phony celebrity to better-deal the Vikings in favor of the team that just won the Super Bowl. Who does this guy think he is, Justin Bieber?

I thought Duhamel was a truly loyal purple fan, in it for the long haul. I didn’t realize he was another front-runner like Drake.

That’s okay Duhamel, suck up to the Patriots. We don’t care. We still have Nick Swardson. He will never cheat on us.

Those Transformers movies suck by the way.

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