Mark Wilf’s Adrian Peterson Position Sounds Familiar


I think we may have heard this line before on Adrian Peterson.

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Today Mark Wilf gave ownership’s official position on Peterson returning to the team and it’s the same line we’ve been hearing from Rick Spielman, coaches and players.

The Vikings want Adrian Peterson back, but it’s up to Adrian to make that happen.

Wilf voiced his slightly reserved support for Peterson per

"“Adrian’s done a lot of good in this community,” Wilf said. “He’s done a lot for us on the football field, as well. Of course, he’s a Minnesota Viking, and we’d love to have him back. And of course, a lot depends on the NFL and steps he’s making in his own personal journey. That’s where we’re at with it.”"

Peterson has reportedly been going through family counseling in Minnesota in order to comply with the terms of his reinstatement.

Right now everything seems to be on-track for Peterson to be reinstated come April (or sooner if Judge Doty gives the right ruling), and for the Vikings to welcome him back into the fold.

But of course there are still a few things that could get in the way of that process. One is the Vikings asking Adrian to take a pay cut. Another is Adrian deciding he’d rather continue his career elsewhere.

A third possibility: some team contacts the Vikings with an amazing trade offer and they decide they can’t say no.

Until the reinstatement is official, we will remain in the “everybody is saying the right things but no one really knows what will happen” phase.

The next step is for Judge Doty to issue a ruling in the NFLPA’s suit against the league on Peterson’s behalf. That could come at any time.

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