Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Brandon Marshall a Possibility If Cut By Bears?


The wide receiver market already features some interesting options if the Vikings are looking to upgrade that position via free agency, but that list of options could become even more intriguing if certain high-priced veterans happen to find themselves getting cut for cap reasons.

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One very large name now being mentioned as a possible cap casualty is Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall. The 30-year-old stud wide-out had a relatively poor statistical year in 2014 and there has been plenty of speculation about his future in Chicago.

Some of that speculation has been fueled by Marshall himself with comments like this (via Sporting News):

"“I don’t think anybody would be (comfortable) sitting in the gray, but this is the National Football League,” Marshall told the Chicago Tribune. “This is our business. It’s not a unique situation. It happens every single year.“Like I said in the middle of the season, some players think that when you lose, oh, the coach is going to be gone. No, they move players, too. I get that and understand that.”"

Cutting Marshall before June 1 would save the rebuilding Bears $3.95 million against the cap this year.

The Vikings certainly know all about Marshall, having watched him physically dominate their corners as a member of the Bears over the last couple years. On the surface, a tall, physical receiver like Marshall would seem a good complement to players like Charles Johnson, Greg Jennings and Jarius Wright. It certainly would not hurt Teddy Bridgewater to have a bigger target like Marshall out there winning one-on-one matchups and creating easy throws.

Speaking of Bridgewater, the Vikings’ sensational young QB happens to reportedly be working out with Marshall and others in Florida as we speak. Such reports are bound to boost speculation.

However, there are several issues with Marshall. His outsized personality has sometimes been a problem at his various stops around the league. Given his age and physical style of play, you have to wonder how much longer he will remain a potent weapon. And then there is the money issue.

Even coming off a bad season, Marshall would have multiple suitors on the free agent market were he to be cut. With the Vikings already paying Greg Jennings a lot of money for 2015, would frugal Rick Spielman really consider laying out relatively large cash for another plus-30 receiver with potentially diminishing skills?

For the Vikings to consider picking up a player like Marshall, or Larry Fitzgerald if he happens to get cut, something would first have to be done about Jennings’ contract. It’s unlikely the Vikes would cut Jennings but asking him to re-negotiate certainly would be on the table, and might be considered even if the Vikings aren’t in the market for a receiver.

Of course, none of this speculation would be happening at all had former first round pick Cordarrelle Patterson shown any noticeable development in year 2. As long as Patterson remains a question mark, the door will remain open for fans to wonder about possible additions to the receiver corps.

Players like Marshall and Fitzgerald likely would not be targets if cut, but don’t be surprised if the Vikings do make a more modest FA move to bring in added receiver talent. Drafting a receiver as high as the first round remains a possibility though many would argue the Vikings have other need positions they should address with their #11 pick.

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