Brandon Bostick Is Motivated by Death Threats From Twitter Trolls


Say this about Brandon Bostick: he is a man who owns up to his mistakes.

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Bostick has plenty to own up to after letting the Packers’ chance at a Super Bowl squirt through his hands on that fateful onside kick in Seattle. Unlike many of the trolls who have been tormenting Bostick since that day, he is willing to put himself out there publicly and say “my bad.”

In a long piece for MMQB, Bostick goes through that play-from-hell and the hellish aftermath, which has included death threads from Twitter meatheads:

"I knew it was a big deal. I knew it was a key mistake that cost us a trip to the Super Bowl. But, with all due respect, I think the media kind of took it and ran with it. I became the singular scapegoat. Social media didn’t help, either. I don’t know how many death threats I received, but there have been a lot. I still haven’t read most of the messages that people sent me, but I want to so I can deal with the consequences and use it as motivation. But it is physically impossible for me to read every troll’s comment; the volume is simply too much. So their comments sit there, untouched, maybe forever."

Getting trolled by idiots wasn’t the worst thing that befell Bostick after his gaffe. The worst thing was getting cut by the Packers, who apparently didn’t want Bostick around serving as a reminder of their massive title game failure (at least that was the impression Bostick got from the front office).

As if Bostick was the only guy who screwed up that day? Give me a break Packers.

It didn’t take Bostick very long to catch on with a new team, the Vikings. As he begins his Vikings career, Bostick will have two big motivations: sticking it to the trolls and sticking it to the Packers.

Mike Zimmer and the Vikes should be encouraged by Bostick’s statements in the wake of his very bad day in Seattle. This is a stand-up guy who will be a nice addition to the locker room.

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