Adrian Peterson Rumors: Dad Has Some Landing Spots In Mind For AD


Adrian Peterson’s father Nelson has gotten a taste of media attention and seems to be enjoying it.

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Adrian’s unofficial spokesman has the lines of communication wide open with some of the same media folks who allegedly have been hurting AD’s feelings so much with their nasty reporting about his past activities. And he’s spreading around plenty of juicy rumors.

Nelson told the Pioneer-Press of the potential landing spots he’s hearing about for Adrian if the Vikings ever make that trade that Adrian is not asking for:

"“I’ve heard rumors, Arizona,” Nelson said in a phone interview with the Pioneer Press. “I’ve also heard the rumors of Indianapolis and the Colts, going there with a quarterback the caliber of (Andrew) Luck. I’ve also heard the Cowboys, coming back home with the Cowboys, behind that offensive line that they have.”"

Nelson Peterson reads the same websites we do. Good for him.

Somewhat amusingly, Nelson also talked about how history would have been different for the Arizona Cardinals had they been smart enough to take Adrian over Levi Brown in the 2007 draft. Nelson reckons that with his boy in the fold the Cardinals would have won multiple Super Bowls and Kurt Warner would still be playing (I guess because with Peterson on the squad he would have taken less of a pounding).

Yeah. And if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon. Well the old man seems to be enjoying all this, so that’s something I guess.

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