Extra Points, Chop Blocks On the Agenda for NFL Competition Committee


This week the NFL competition committee will convene to consider changes to the NFL rulebook. Ahead of that, executive VP of football operations Troy Vincent released a statement to get fans up to speed on what areas the committee will be looking at.

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Here is the list of stuff the committee will be mulling over as they sit down this week:

  • Modifying what is reviewable under instant replay
  • Exploring processes and procedures of how a medical timeout would work
  • Discussing banning the chop block
  • Ensuring that the review process covers what was called on the field and does not create new fouls
  • Refining the definition of a hit on a defenseless player
  • Adding an eighth official
  • Making the extra point more challenging
  • Using tablets on the sideline and for video replay and moving closer to our “sideline of the future” by adopting new technology
  • Continuing to enhance our concussion protocol
  • Increasing our standards for equipment that may make our game safer

Most of these are safety-related things but there is also the ever-vexing question of what to do about extra points.

Hey, I’ve got an idea: Leave extra points the way they are!

Not to sound like a purist but the extra point doesn’t need to be farted with. Leave the goal posts alone too. Eliminating kickers from the game won’t make it more exciting.

You know what would make it more exciting? Letting the damn players play. Stop calling every damn thing pass interference. And clarify what completing the process means.

But leave extra points alone, for gosh sakes.

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