Warren Moon Thinks Donovan McNabb Belongs In the Hall of Fame


If Warren Moon could put one guy not currently in Canton into the Hall of Fame, who would he choose?

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The former Vikings QB was asked this very question on the Talk of Fame Network and he gave a very interesting answer.

If Moon could enshrine anyone not currently in the Hall, he would pick fellow former Viking Donovan McNabb (via talkoffamenetwork.com):

"“I would say Donovan McNabb,” Moon said on our recent broadcast. “I would love to see him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I thought his career was exceptional. He went to four or five championship NFC games (it was five), went to a Super Bowl, had a great touchdown-to-interception ratio as far as his passer rating and all that. Just a great competitor.”"

Does Donovan McNabb have a case to be a Hall of Famer? Sure. Is he the first guy who leaps to mind when one thinks of potential Hall of Famers who don’t get enough love?

Warren Moon obviously thinks McNabb deserves a bigger bandwagon. Might be a hard sell to Viking fans who mostly remember McNabb as the washed up guy who couldn’t keep his job over green rookie Christian Ponder.

Guessing when/if McNabb does go in the hall, “got sent to the bench by Christian Ponder” will not be included on the plaque.

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