Jerome Simpson Visited the San Francisco 49ers


After missing the entire 2014 season due to his being a massive turd sandwich, Jerome Simpson would be very lucky to ever get another shot in the NFL.

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This doesn’t mean that Simpson will necessarily catch on in 2015, but the San Francisco 49ers did reportedly visit with Simpson on Wednesday.

The receiver-needy 49ers also reportedly kicked the tires on Ted Ginn. As far as I know they have not invited Bernard Berrian, Greg Camarillo, Troy Williamson or Bobby Wade for a workout. But hope springs eternal.

Simpson was last seen on an NFL playing field in 2013 when he had, by his standards, a decent season for the Vikings with 726 yards on 48 catches.

Jerome’s production dipped to zero yards on zero catches in 2014 thanks to a DWI-related suspension followed by his release from the Vikings. Just before the Vikings cut him it was learned that Simpson, while in the middle of trying to fight his suspension, was nailed on several more charges including marijuana possession.

So you’re not exactly dealing with a brain surgeon here, is what I’m trying to say.

The fact that Simpson was able to hang on for three years with the Vikings despite everything is testament to his talent. That the Vikings’ faith in Simpson was rewarded by such ridiculous behavior is testament to what a low-rent individual he truly is.

If the 49ers want to bring him back and give him one more chance, more power to them. But I can already predict what will happen if they do:

Everyone will think he’s a great guy (except media people he calls names). He will make a couple sick circus catches in training camp and fans will start dreaming of big things. When the season rolls around, he will start dropping balls, giving up on routes and generally playing like crap.

Fans will figure out that he’s not so great. Then he’ll get busted for a marijuana-related offense and the team will cut him. And his teammates will still think he’s a heck of a dude.

The Niners would have better luck picking up an unheralded receiver off the Browns’ practice squad. Those guys work out great.

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