Brandon Marshall Leaves NFC North; Could Percy Harvin Be Coming Back?


A day after reports surfaced about the Bears’ efforts to trade mercurial wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the New York Jets stepped forward and acquired Marshall in exchange for a late-round pick.

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The next domino that’s expected to fall in New York is the release of Percy Harvin, who is set to count $10.5 million against the Jets’ cap. With Eric Decker and now Marshall in town, Harvin seems to be the odd man out.

Once Harvin gets cut – and that seems an inevitability at this point – speculation will begin about his next potential landing spot.

You can strike Minnesota off that list immediately. Sorry fans who would love to see Harvin return, but no way does Rick Spielman revisit that relationship.

After yesterday’s desperate acquisition of Jerome Simpson, you have to assume San Francisco would take a look at Harvin. Perhaps a team like the Chargers, who were rumored to be interested in Brandon Marshall, would also be in on Harvin. Miami is another team that might be interested in Percy’s unique services.

But is there a team in the NFC North that might potentially take a chance on Harvin? I think there could be. Strange as it may sound, I think the Green Bay Packers should take a serious look at the one-time Viking.

With Randall Cobb likely exiting in free agency, the Packers will have a hole in their receiver corps. Yes they could fill it by elevating another no-name receiver, but why not pluck Harvin from the free agent ranks?

Harvin not only fills much the same role as Cobb, he is actually the prototype of that style of receiver. Harvin could be a fearsome weapon in Green Bay’s attack, with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball.

We know there are concerns about Harvin’s character but if there’s a locker room that could handle him, it’s the Green Bay locker room. There’s plenty of veteran leadership on that team, and Rodgers is surely a man Harvin would have to respect.

Harvin would also come a lot cheaper than Randall Cobb, who is believed to be seeking a contract in excess of $10 million-per-year. If the Packers aren’t willing to pay that, why not bring in Harvin on a low-cost deal?

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes for the Packers. I don’t think Harvin would be as big a headache in Green Bay as he was on other teams. Plus, how motivated would he be in those two games against the Vikings?

Brandon Marshall getting traded out of Chicago may have been good news for the Vikings and their corners, but that departure may have only been the initial move that leads to a receiver returning to the division who would give the Vikings worse problems than Marshall ever did.

Percy Harvin in a Packers uniform might be a tough pill both for Viking fans and players to swallow.

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