Adrian Peterson Reportedly Prefers Cardinals As Trade Destination


If Adrian Peterson is indeed traded by the Vikings in the coming days or weeks, there’s one landing spot the running back would reportedly prefer above the others.

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And that landing spot is…the Arizona Cardinals.

At least this is the report from Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson.

Robinson later tweeted that Peterson also likes San Diego as a potential destination.

The Cardinals currently have only $13 million in cap space so taking on Peterson’s full $12.75 million salary would not be an option.

Peterson has reportedly said he would be willing to restructure his deal in order to make a trade happen. So that’s lucky.

Interestingly enough, current Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald was one of the few NFL players willing to publicly stick up for Peterson during his suspension.

Fitzgerald himself recently returned to Arizona after re-doing his deal. Is it possible he and Adrian have been consulting about their plans?

A trade would not be difficult to make here. Just have Adrian restructure his deal to make it work for Arizona, then tell Arizona to offer Rick Spielman a first round pick.

Adrian would be happy cause he’d be out of Minnesota. Rick would be happy because he would have another precious draft pick. The Cardinals would be happy cause they would have a potential #1 running back.

Everyone would be happy except Viking fans who still want Peterson. They would be the only aggrieved party left in the equation at that point.

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