Vikings Working On Deal With RB Matt Asiata


There is a little bit of news to report about a Vikings running back. No, not THAT Vikings running back.

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I know, I know…stop messing around dude, give us our Matt Asiata fix. WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING DOWN WITH ASIATA.

Well here’s what’s going down with Asiata:

Excited yet?

Before you go poo-pooing the value of Asiata, keep in mind that he did score 9 TDs last year. Which member of the Vikings had more than 9 TDs last year? That would be no one. Yes I realize many of Asiata’s TDs were of the one-yard-plunge variety, but those still count as 6 points the last time I looked.

Besides leading the team in TDs, Asiata also led them in rushing yards at 570. He was second on the team in receptions with 44 and fifth in receiving yardage with 312.

Are these overwhelming numbers? No. Is Asiata a featured back in the NFL? No. Is he a good piece who should be locked up for at least one more year on a very cheap restricted free agent contract? Yes.

Guess what? If it turns out the Vikings are able to draft a running back or sign a running back or even bring back Adrian Peterson, then Asiata can slot in as a goal line specialist/occasional third down back. The man has value to the team even if he isn’t some great game-breaking running back.

Signing Asiata will not stop the Vikings from looking at other options at running back. And he’s not going to cost much. So why should anyone be upset about bringing him back? Good teams need role players and Asiata is a solid one.

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