NFL Rumors: Michael Johnson Will Reportedly Visit Vikings First


It’s widely assumed that the market for recently-released former Buccaneers DE Michael Johnson currently consists of the Vikings and Bengals (and maybe the Falcons).

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If Johnson has a preference between those teams, it might be the Vikings. Johnson’s affection for Mike Zimmer is well-documented as is his snug fit in Zimmer’s scheme.

As a possible indication of where Johnson’s heart is telling him to go, the DE has reportedly lined up Minnesota as his first destination to visit in free agency.

If Johnson is in fact heading to Minnesota, he might have to wait awhile to meet up with Mike Zimmer, as the head coach is currently attending Kentucky pro day (and coincidentally catching up with his old buddy and Johnson’s former head coach Marvin Lewis).

Johnson and Zimmer may wish to reunite in Minnesota, but there are practical money-related considerations that have to be dealt with first.

Johnson isn’t going to get anything like the money he received in Tampa Bay last year but he still could be in line for a decent contract. The Vikings right now are in pretty good shape cap-wise but we don’t know what other players might be on their agenda.

If the Vikings want to make a run at Rahim Moore for example, they might wish to get that deal done before addressing a player like Johnson, who would qualify as a second-tier free agent that this point.

There’s also that whole Adrian Peterson thing, the resolution of which could free up more than enough cap space to get Michael Johnson done plus a whole lot else.

Point being, signing Johnson might not be priority 1 for the Vikes right at this minute. But Johnson will go to Minnesota anyway and try to meet up with his old coach and see if there’s a spot for him on the defensive line.

Given the way Brian Robison struggled last year, I’d say there is definitely a spot for Johnson. At the right price.

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