Nelson Peterson Finally Outs Himself As a Fraud


Exit stage left, Nelson Peterson.

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He was a source of information for lazy reporters and even-lazier bloggers (myself included) looking for Adrian Peterson “scoops,” but now Peterson’s dad Nelson should have offered up his last nugget. Nelson seems to have once-and-for-all outed himself as a complete fraud by offering up a hilariously erroneous report on an alleged impending third meeting between Adrian and Vikings management.

After this Monday’s face-to-face between Adrian and the Wilfs in New York, Nelson “reported” to the Pioneer-Press that another meeting was scheduled to go down at the end of this week.

Other outlets ran with the report because why not? Nelson Peterson had never steered us wrong. Mostly because the majority of his “scoops” had been things already said in the media and on the internet that Nelson for all we know merely scooped up and regurgitated as “insider info.”

Nelson told us that Adrian was mad at Kevin Warren, after we already knew Adrian was mad at Kevin Warren. Nelson accused the Vikings of saying nice things to pump up Adrian’s trade value after everyone had already been speculating on this possibility for weeks.

Nelson even speculated about possible landing places for his son, including the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, after these teams had already been thrown out there over-and-over as potential destinations.

When you get right down to it, Nelson never really did offer up a single piece of useful insider scuttlebutt until he talked about the supposed meeting. Unfortunately, that meeting was never scheduled to happen.

Nelson Peterson finally tells us something we don’t already know and it turns out to be hooey. Will we stop listening to him now? Or will that line of communication between him and his media buddies Chris Tomasson and Charles Robinson remain open?

At least Robinson appears to have learned his lesson:

More evidence that family members are the last people you should ever trust for good information about athletes. Those people have an agenda and they are not bound by the need to remain diplomatic (or even truthful, apparently). That is a toxic combination. Add over-eager reporters/bloggers and you have the recipe for a bulls–t explosion.

See you later, Nelson Peterson.

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