Vikings Wooing Free Agents With New Stadium Virtual Tour


There’s not much to see down at the new stadium site yet, unless you’re a fan of cranes and trusses, but the Vikings have provided a way for dignitaries and potential future season ticket holders to get a feel for what the new facility will be like by putting together a high-tech virtual tour (dead birds not included).

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It isn’t just local bigwigs and rich folks in the market for season tickets who get to walk through the so-called New Stadium Preview Center. Free agents being wooed by Minnesota are also getting a chance to see what the new Vikings’ home (and their potential future hom) will be like (via

"With the new stadium now 45% complete, the Vikings have an ace in the hole both now and in the coming years when it comes to free agents. The team is escorting all incoming free agents through the New Stadium Preview Center, giving them an opportunity to overlook the bustling stadium construction site and get a taste of the future game day environment in what could be their new home beginning in 2016."

Here’s an idea of what the tour is about (for those of us not lucky enough, which is most of us):

No word on whether Friday’s visiting free agent Michael Johnson was given the tour, but I’m guessing he was or will be. And later tonight he will no doubt be treated to a nice dinner at Manny’s, Minneapolis’ finest eatery. And then?

Who knows. But let’s hope no one tells him about the birds. If he’s a bird-lover at all, that could really turn him off.

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