Vikings Were Reportedly In On Rahim Moore, But Not That Far In (Apparently)


Rahim Moore would have been a nice free agent get for the Vikings but they missed their chance when the former Broncos safety signed with the Houston Texans on a reported 3-year/$12 million contract.

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Early reports suggested the Vikings would make a push for Moore, and those reports were confirmed by Darren Wolfson. The Vikings were in on Rahim Moore, just not ALL in.

It’s not like Rahim Moore got a ton of money to sign in Houston, only $4 million in guarantees, peanuts compared to what Devin McCourty received.

Per Wolfson, Moore favored Houston as a landing spot so the Vikings would have had to offer more money. And Rick Spielman apparently was not willing to go above a mere $4 million in guarantees.

It would be interesting to know why exactly the Vikings determined that Moore was not worth more than $4 million in guaranteed money on a 3-year deal. Especially after they reportedly were willing to go as high as $7 million-per-year on Devin McCourty.

Is Rahim Moore really that far below McCourty in the eyes of teams? It would seem so.

On the surface, this would appear to be a case of teams not being convinced that the Moore we saw in 2014 was the real Moore. There may be concerns that Moore went above-and-beyond to land a deal and will now revert to the less-than-stellar form he displayed in prior years.

Moore also has some health red flags, having missed a big chunk of 2013 with a leg injury.

Clearly, Rick Spielman was not willing to lay out even moderate cash for a potential one-year-wonder with a large health issue in his immediate past. Even though Moore would have potentially been a good fit for a defense seeking to become better in deep coverage.

Time will tell if Spielman made a good call or a bad one.

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