NFL Trade Rumors: Vikings Cooking Up Adrian Peterson-for-Larry Fitzgerald Deal?


I wish I could take credit for whipping up this beautiful piece of pure unadulterated speculation but I can’t. This one comes straight from the mind of the master himself, Mike Florio.

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Mr. Florio got where he is today – the top of the heap – partly because of his massive skill at the art of connecting dots that probably shouldn’t/can’t be connected. And today’s effort is proof that he is indeed the Jedi master of making s–t up that sounds good but is probably nonsense.

In a post on Pro Football Talk (which he still writes occasionally in between TV appearances), Florio wonders aloud via typed words if Peter King’s report about the Cardinals and Adrian Peterson might not be an indication that the Vikings and Cards are whipping up a trade that would make Purple Nation’s head explode:

"The unnamed source who told Peter King of that the Cardinals wouldn’t take on Peterson’s three years and $45 million specifically mentioned Fitzgerald’s contract. And there’s a chance that wasn’t an accident.Despite creating $13 million in cap space by re-doing Fitzgerald’s deal, the Cardinals will pay him $11 million per year in 2015 and 2016. With Fitzgerald possibly the No. 3 receiver in Arizona at best this year, that’s still way too much.For years, there’s been speculation that Fitzgerald would like to end his career in his home state of Minnesota, returning to the franchise for which he once served as a ball boy. Last season, speculation swirled that a straight up trade of Peterson for Fitzgerald could happen. Maybe it still could."

So Florio reckons that in apparently refuting one bats–t crazy trade rumor, the Cardinals were actually dropping hints about the possibility of working out an even more bats–t crazy trade than that.

That is called doubling-down on a crazy rumor and nobody does it like Florio. Well done sir.

But no, this is not happening. The Vikings are not trading one overpriced veteran for another overpriced veteran even if by doing so they would actually gain a small amount of cap relief. They are not paying Larry Fitzgerald $11 million for 2015 so he can complement Mike Wallace.

Viking fans will latch on to this rumor because they’ve always coveted Fitzgerald but it’s plumb crazy and will never happen. If Peterson does get traded it will be for a draft pick and he will re-do his deal to make the trade happen. If he lands in Arizona it will be to team up with Larry Fitzgerald for a Super Bowl run, not replace Fitzgerald as a high-priced veteran offensive weapon.

Still, beautiful work by Florio. Got to give him props.

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