Vikings Rumors: Adrian Peterson’s Salary Reportedly Too Rich for Cardinals


The kids have been getting a little rambunctious with their wild trade rumors so Big Daddy Peter King has come in to lay down the law.

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Sunday a report began circulating saying the Arizona Cardinals were prepared to trade a 2nd round pick to Minnesota for Adrian Peterson and a 7th. Not so fast, says King (via MMQB):

"I spoke with a reliable Cardinals source Sunday night, and the three years and $45 million left on Peterson’s contract is an absolute non-starter with the Cards. “We haven’t had contact with the Vikings about it, to the best of my knowledge,” the source said. “And there is no way we could live with those numbers. We just got Larry Fitzgerald’s contract under control. No way we’d add that salary.”"

King thinks the Cardinals would rather draft a running back than give up a pick for an aging overpriced Peterson.

Hey, it’s possible King is right and the no-names spreading these Peterson rumors are wrong. It’s also possible that King, being in bed with NFL teams to an extent the rumor-spreading kids are not, is just doing his masters’ bidding by tamping down these reports.

Here’s one thing I’d point out: the reported money issue won’t be such an issue if Peterson re-works his contract in order to make the trade happen. And Peterson reportedly has said he would do just that.

Another thing I’d point out is that we often hear how money won’t work for this trade or that free agent signing and then after some moves, voila, the money magically works.

A third thing I’d point out is that some of the Cardinals’ top offensive players are getting up there in years, so if there’s a window there in Arizona, that window might be closing. And closing windows have a way of leading to unlikely and possibly irresponsible moves.

Sure, Todd Gurley might come in as a draft pick and run well enough to get the Cardinals in the Super Bowl one last time. But isn’t Peterson, even at his advanced age and carrying a big cap number, a safer bet if you’re looking for someone to take the pressure off your mediocre quarterbacks and lead a playoff run?

Just asking.

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