NFL Free Agency: Terence Newman Reportedly Visits Vikings


The Vikings seem to be inquiring about a lot of cornerbacks this year, though who knows how many of these “inquiries” are real and how many are agent-fueled baloney.

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One cornerback we do know was legitimately contacted by the Vikings? Former Cowboys and Bengals DB Terence Newman. As a matter of fact, Newman went so far as to take a visit with the Vikings.

Newman reportedly has a visit lined up with the Patriots as well. Yes, the Vikings let another one get out of town. Did they learn nothing from the Michael Johnson experience?

The 36-year-old Newman first became a notable player with the Dallas Cowboys, then moved on to Cincinnati and rejuvenated his career under the guidance of one Mike Zimmer.

The Zimmer connection would seem to make Newman a natural fit for the Vikings as they seek at least a stop-gap solution for their current hole at cornerback. The Vikes would dearly love to remove Josh Robinson from the equation and limit Captain Munnerlyn to covering the slot. Hence the need for a corner with size and outside coverage ability.

Newman may be getting up there but he proved in Cincinnati that he can still be an effective player. The question now is whether he will choose hooking up with his old coach in Minnesota or heading to New England to chase a ring.

The Vikings aren’t doing so hot in landing free agents this year but maybe this one will actually happen.

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