New Vikings Stadium Has Already Suffered Its First Collapse (Photo)


Over the weekend, the quickly-rising skeleton of the new Vikings stadium suffered its first and hopefully last collapse.

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Thankfully it was only a minor issue and not the full-on catastrophe you may have been picturing after reading the words “Vikings stadium” and “collapse.”

Cause there have been some pretty dramatic collapses in Vikings stadium history, I don’t need to remind you.

Have been some pretty stunning collapses in Vikings on-field history too for that matter.

This weekend’s collapse thankfully was nothing like the Metrodome roof cave-in and was in no way analogous to any of the Vikings’ notorious playoff meltdowns. This was not the wide-left of stadium collapses.

Some scaffolding got blown over in the wind is all that happened. A photo shows a jumble of metal with the stadium still standing proudly in the background.

photo credit:Imgur

Again, let’s hope this is the last collapse we see at the new stadium. The last collapse of any variety.

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