Adrian Peterson Will Reportedly Meet With NFL This Week


Is Adrian Peterson suspended or on the exempt list or just floating in some nameless NFL-imposed limbo?

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Technically Peterson is supposed to be on the exempt list, but the NFL has said they still consider him suspended pending an appeal of Judge Doty’s decision to strike down the ruling by arbitrator Harold Henderson that upheld the original NFL suspension.

We could get some clarification of all this muddle and nonsense this week as Peterson reportedly meets with the NFL to discuss reinstatement from…whatever.

The original NFL suspension set April 15 as the date for Peterson to apply for reinstatement. That suspension bound Peterson to certain conditions including one stipulating that he seek counseling. Peterson did reportedly comply with the counseling order before Doty’s decision supposedly ended his suspension.

Will the NFL bring this whole mess to an end and reinstate Peterson or will they leave him in limbo while they prepare their appeal against Doty’s ruling, an appeal that likely won’t be heard until this summer at the earliest?

Peterson and the Vikings I’m sure would rather have this whole thing wrapped up this week so they can move on to the next chapter, whatever that chapter may be.

Predicting what might actually happen with this meeting would be foolish given the unpredictable twists and turns this story has already taken. Peterson was allowed to play, then he was benched, then he was suspended, then he appealed, then his suspension was upheld, then it was struck down, then it was restored…

Who the hell knows what the NFL will do? They don’t seem to care very much about the CBA.

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