Adrian Peterson Trolls Viking Fans With a Picture of Breakfast


I learned two things about Adrian Peterson from this tweet he posted moments ago:

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1. The man sure loves himself a nice big breakfast.

2. Peterson has been in Minnesota and is now leaving to go back to Texas.

Why was Peterson in Minnesota? He has family in the area, for one thing. Did he have some kind of meeting with Vikings officials at Winter Park? None that we know of.

Most likely, Adrian was just in Minnesota doing normal family-related offseason stuff. I do find it interesting however that Peterson felt the particular need to mention leaving Minnesota for Texas in a tweet that he knew would be read by many many Viking fans (and Vikings brass).

Did Adrian post that picture of his breakfast because he wanted to share his breakfast or was the whole thing a weak set-up for a trolling tweet about leaving?

As trolls go, it’s not the most impressive or clever. I am however really hungry right now and it’s too late for breakfast. So thanks Adrian. You kind of ruined my morning with that.

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