Ben Dogra Riles Up Viking Fans With Facebook Picture


Adrian Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra sure knows how to troll. If in fact he is trying to troll.

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Yesterday Dogra posted a picture on Facebook that garnered an immediate, strong reaction from Viking fans and media people who cover the team. But it’s possible that the image was misinterpreted.

Was Dogra trying to troll the Vikings with this picture or was he just acting like a typical agent touting his clients?

The image shows Dogra sitting in a chair in front of an Adrian Peterson jersey while wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat (and clutching what appears to be a Jerry Rice autographed football). Because the Bucs have been mentioned as a possible trade destination for Peterson, everyone jumped to conclusions about the “meaning” of Dogra’s hat.

But it should be pointed out that in addition to Peterson, Dogra also represents Gerald McCoy of the Bucs. Peterson and McCoy happen to be two of Dogra’s biggest clients.

It could be Dogra was just in a mood to brag about his high-profile clients (and the fact that he has a football signed by Jerry Rice) and didn’t think for a second about other conclusions people might reach.

Or maybe Dogra was trying to send another not-so-subtle message to the Vikings, who remain in stalemate mode with Adrian Peterson.

What Dogra might stand to gain, either for himself or his client, by taunting the Vikings on Facebook is anybody’s guess.

Reading sinister motives into one rather silly picture probably isn’t the wisest thing. Then again, Dogra has shown himself perfectly capable of acting like a trolling ass in the past. So who knows what was really on his mind when he posted this.

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