Adrian Peterson Mocked By ‘Family Guy’ (Video)


Tonight’s episode of Family Guy provided fodder for those who think the Vikings should dump Adrian Peterson rather than continue absorbing the PR hits that will come as long as he remains on the team.

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It’s the simple fact of reality that Peterson is now a punch line, and there are going to be jokes like this.

Do the Vikings want to continue being associated with a player who is the target of this kind of humor? Is Peterson’s potential value on the field worth the headache?

That’s something Rick Spielman will have to weight. And according to reports, the whole thing is up to Spielman.

Does Spielman think it’s ultimately in the organization’s best interests to be affiliated with a man who is widely perceived as a bad human being?

Is it worth the mockery to have Adrian Peterson toting the rock for you?

All this will have to be factored in as the Vikings proceed. As of now, there are no indications that the team means to move on from Peterson and the PR challenges he brings with him.

I can understand Spielman wanting to hold onto Peterson for what he could bring on the football field. But man…this is painful.

This is our player. This is how people perceive him.

It kind of sucks.

(Warning: some may find this clip offensive. If you’re not a fan of Family Guy or are not aware of what Family Guy is all about…well, proceed with caution.)

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