Adrian Peterson Publicly States His Desire to Play For Dallas


This wasn’t a phone call to Jerry Jones. This wasn’t a statement made through his agent or his father. This wasn’t a vague hint or suggestion.

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This time Adrian Peterson flat out said he wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Peterson was on-hand for last night’s Mavericks-Rockets playoff game and was cornered by a reporter who asked him the big question everyone in Texas has been wondering.

Peterson’s answer isn’t going to do much to calm down the segment of Vikings Nation that has become more than a little miffed with the running over the past few months.

It’s nice that Peterson realizes he’s still under contract with the Vikings. For three more years.

Though Peterson would obviously love to be traded by the Vikings to Dallas – he’s made that perfectly clear by now – the chances of such a trade actually happening seem remote at best.

The Vikings want significant compensation in return for Peterson and it’s doubtful that Dallas would offer anything close to enough.

Peterson has managed to keep his public statements relatively vague in recent months, preferring to let Ben Dogra do all the tough posturing on his behalf.

That Peterson would come out in public and state his desire to play for Dallas this plainly could be a sign that he’s growing weary of the process.

It’s surely a sign that he isn’t ready to put a lid on this whole thing once-and-for-all and just be a good soldier. I guess as long as Peterson continues to not get his way, he’s going to continue being a bit of a b-word.

He can be as much of a b-word as he wants as long as he reports for the season and runs the ball like the old Peterson.

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