2015 NFL Draft: Host City And Vikings Get ‘A’ Grade


The three-day draft concluded Saturday evening and now as teams and fans move forward it is time to reflect on what just occurred.

Chicago was the host city for the first time ever and I honestly thought it was the best done draft I have ever watched. I took in every hour of the draft except one hour. The fascination of everything shown on TV left me wanting more when the draft ended Saturday.

Thursday was not so much out of the ordinary with the first round picks but Friday and Saturday were the days I give an A plus to.

The second round for Viking fans saw former Vikings Linebacker, E.J. Henderson call out Vikings pick number 45, Eric Kendricks, linebacker out of UCLA. What a fit for the Vikings having a former linebacker announce the new linebacker.

Saturday was my favorite day of the three-day by far with the NFL setting up 32 different sites in which NFL network could switch to for the announcement of that particular player.

It was great to see so many military bases involved and the service people who made that teams pick.  And I also thought it was a great touch to have a former Jacksonville Jaguar player and fan in London, England announcing the pick. A great touch by the NFL especially since three games will be played in London this fall.

The Vikings fan I am loved a few things about Saturday. First, the location the Vikings pick was announced was a great touch. Yes, the Vikings new stadium preview center located across the street from the new stadium was amazing to see.

I loved seeing former Vikings great and Hall of Famer, Randall McDaniel being there with a chosen fan to announce the pick. I also thought it was great to involve a stadium crew person and then a Viking season ticket holder to have the honors.  My hope is wherever the city chosen to hold the draft for the rest of time would look at doing the same thing. It is so awesome to seeing the fans around the NFL involved along with the 256 draft picks. I give the NFL an A plus 100 percent for the effort of making the draft so fan friendly.

The Vikings draft itself I am sky-high on. I have read so many reviews and have seen so many grades anywhere from an A plus to a B. All we have right now to go off is watching video and players and of course their size and measurements.  But how will these guys translate their college playing into the NFL?

I believe the Minnesota Vikings got their first round pick, Trae Waynes absolutely right on.

I look at Football’s best division and see the best receivers in the NFL and the Vikings bring in a big corner back.  The Vikings face Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, Alshon Jefferey and now Kevin White along with Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson. The quarterbacks in the division in my mind are the best as well with Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler. Yes, Cutler is questioned by many but one thing you can’t question is his arm strength.

The second round pick, Eric Kendricks who was teammates at UCLA with Anthony Barr was a steal in my mind. It is crazy to know the Vikings will have two tackling machines. The team has two guys who will be here for years working together. It is so hard not to be excited about this.

I look at 4th round pick, T.J. Clemmings and hope he is the steal of the draft. I read so much how draft experts call him first round talent.

Sep 13, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Pittsburgh Panthers offensive linesman T.J. Clemmings (68) takes a drink on the sidelines in the fourth quarter in a game against the FIU Golden Panthers at FIU Stadium. Pitt won 42-25. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

I was really excited when the Vikings took Maryland Terrapin speedster, Stefon Diggs in the 5th round. I did my reading and seemed to have found that the man once he has the ball in his hands is a terror on the field. The kick return ability is another huge asset.

The draft overall saw 10 picks with 5 offense and 5 defensive picks. I love how the Vikings drafted for depth and greater competition especially on the offensive line.

The Vikings last few drafts have really hit the mark and I look for the 2015 draft choices to make the team even better.  The Vikings have a man in charge, Mike Zimmer who knows what he wants and seems to get what he wants.  As a long time season ticket holder I could not be any happier with the team’s efforts to make the Vikings once again competitive.

The offseason and Training Camp will show coaches and fans more but for now we have to trust these 10 players will come to Winter Park and Mankato with an attitude of wanting to be a Vikings for life.

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*Updated for content on 5/3/15

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