The NFL’s First Round Picks Will Invade TCF Bank Stadium


The Minnesota Vikings know the teams they are playing when and where and now after the conclusion of Saturdays draft fans can get excited to see the high picks facing the home standing Vikings in action this fall and how they fare.

I love having season tickets now going on 15 seasons and one perk of many is to see these high picks play ball in person. The teams as you know go through 7 rounds of picks and some of those kids may make the team but the first round picks in my mind 99 percent of the time make the roster for the regular season,

The preseason games we will get to see more of the picks in action until the dreaded last cut. The games in preseason can be boring but for many of those picks it is a chance to showcase to both their current teams and the other 31 who may be watching.

The Vikes home schedule already is awesome, now add Thursday’s first round picks to the fold and we have great football to be seen at TCF Bank Stadium.

The home part of the preseason schedule starts out with a bang as Tampa Bay’s first overall pick in the NFL draft, Jameis Winston will be in action. Does the season really start out any better with this circumstance?

Oakland Raiders come next and with that comes number 4 pick overall, Wide Receiver, Amari Cooper who was the number one ranked receiver coming out of the draft. We will see possibly will see a Waynes vs Cooper matchup here.

Two games at home and we get to see number one pick, Winston followed the next week facing the number one receiver.  Vikings defense will be extra fun to watch as they look at stopping two truly talented young men.

The regular season home opener sees the Lions and number 28 pick, Offensive Guard, Laken Tomlinson.

San Diego Chargers bring number 15 pick, running back, Melvin Gordon to Minnesota. I really liked this back coming out of the University of Wisconsin. One game last year in college he ran for over 400 yards. The guy is quick and will be a great challenge for the Vikings defensive line.

Kansas City Chiefs will bring number 18 pick, Marcus Peters, defensive back from the University of Washington. This will be a great game for many reasons but one specifically as Vikings number 11 pick, Trae Waynes can show up Peters and show why Waynes went higher in the draft.

The St. Louis Rams invade TCF with number 10 pick, running back, Todd Gurley out of the University of Georgia. The man was a beast on kickoffs and as a running back. Gurley suffered ACL injury so the question is will Gurley be as good as he was before the injury?

The home schedule is set up where Vikings fans get to see in person the two highly drafted running backs. The Vikings defense gets a real treat to stopping these top 2 college running backs.

Green Bay brings number 30 pick, Free Safety, Damarious Randall to play against an improving Vikings offense.

Seattle had no First round pick so the top pick in 2nd round, Defensive End, Frank Clark out of the University of Michigan.

The New York Giants will showcase number nine pick, offensive tackle, Ereck Flowers out of the University of Miami.

The Chicago Bears bring number seven pick, Kevin White, Wide Receiver out of the University of West Virginia. This already has the look of a potential Waynes vs White matchup. The receiver out of West Virginia is both big and fast. The Bears lost Brandon Marshall in the offseason but for now it seems they found a great replacement.

The home schedule has NFL First round pick’s opponents 1, 4,7,9,10,15,18,28,30 and second round 63 all coming to Minnesota. I can’t wait to see these guys in action.

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*Updated for content 5/3/15

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