Signing The Minnesota Vikings PSL Agreements


I have been a season ticket holder going on my fifteenth year in this 2015 upcoming season at TCF Bank Stadium. The season last year we saw the elements ranging from August heat to a top 5 record cold game. We now have one year under our belt at TCF and look forward to year two knowing this is it for outdoor football.

One of the main reasons I wanted TFC is twofold with one, the love of the Vikings and two, I wanted a chance to have seats in the new stadium. I knew the Personal Seat License would be a concern with the not knowing the cost. What would my current seats at TCF cost at the new stadium? There is only one way to find out and that was talk to the Vikings.

We as season ticket holders would get a chance to meet a PSL representative but we would have to wait our turn being we were upper deck season ticket holders. The calendar was set by sections of the new stadium and my time frame would not start until November. We then could go to a website and select a date and time for our meeting.

picture taken in November of 2014 at Minnesota Vikings Stadium Preview Center-Todd Walkingstick

We chose Thursday November 13th at 6:30 that way we could both work that day and head to Minneapolis that night to hopefully conduct business.

It was a nerve wrecking drive mainly because of the unknown. What will the cost be? Can we afford it? Do we want to sign our lives away if we do decide to pay for the PSL’s.

We went to the parking ramp right across from the new stadium and on the first floor we saw signs in several parking slots that had signs saying “Minnesota Vikings Guest Parking.”

picture taken in November of 2014 at Minnesota Vikings Stadium Preview Center-Todd Walkingstick

We went into a building and went to the 5th floor where the new stadium preview center was located. We see the door with a Vikings logo on it and the glass next to the door had a huge Vikings logo on it.

We entered the room and there was nothing but Vikings items around. There was a table that had an awesome miniature Vikings ship with a Vikings standing tall in it. We looked around and on the wall was a glass case which held a shovel from new stadium groundbreaking ceremony.

picture taken in November 2014 at Minnesota Vikings Preview Center- Todd WalkingstickThere was a lady at the front desk who greeted us and we told her we were there to meet our rep, Cory Effertz.

It was getting more real as we walked around with Cory. He took us back and we entered a hall that was on the darker side.

What we saw above us before we entered the hall was a long countdown board that had days, hours, minutes and seconds ticking down until the day the stadium is due to open. It said 610 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes and 30 seconds as we passed underneath.

One of the sides of the hall had a Vikings locker with jersey and equipment in in. The other side had a video in which Harrison Smith greeted us. It was very loud and realty got my heart pumping.

We made our way and entered the next door coming out to the tunnel and what we saw was a huge table with a fairly good size model of the new stadium on it. There was also a screen on the wall with a video going about the new stadium.

We found 2 rows of seats in which we could sit and show us the seat comfort along with the leg room. There was a huge screen in front of the rows showing the field and giving us a feel like we were there.

picture taken at Minnesota Vikings Preview Center in November of 2014- Todd Walkingstick

The next step was to go into another room with Cory and talk pricing and seat location. He asked us where we were in TCF and then he showed us where that would translate into the new stadium. The cost of these seats was a little more that we planned.

Cory then went through his computer and projected the stadium seats on the wall in front of us and showed us what was available.

He was able to show sections and then the coolest feature was showing us the view from any seats we wanted to look at. It was amazing with technology that made us feel like we were in those seats.

We decided to move up to the third level in section 345 row 3 which is about the 10 yard line and to the left of the Vikings bench.

My wife and I talked without Cory and then came back and told him you have a deal. We then signed our PSL’s and now are proud owner of two seats the rest of our living life.

What a top 5 highlight in my Vikings passion of life.

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