Minnesota Vikings Rookie Free Agents: Making The Team Can Be Done


The draft is such a fun subject to write about with all the hopes and dreams that these particular players will help be part of a Super Bowl team. The questions begin with offseason and Training Camp for these guys on whether they perform up to the standard the team thought they would.

The 53 man roster is tough to make with veterans playing for their lives. The Vikes have shown in the past just because you have been here for a period of time does not guarantee a roster spot all the time.

The draft choices if everything goes right should make the roster which leaves few to very few openings to make the 53 man roster. You have veterans, draft choices, free agent signing and next is what I want to talk about.

The subject is rookie free agents and how many make the team. These guys wait for 3 days of the draft and do not get their name called. The call after the 3 days is all these guys have left in hopes to make a team.

These players have to come into the offseason with an extra chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

I love going to Training Camp for this reason having a roster in my hand and looking for players that stick out.

The four game preseason schedule can be hard to watch with so many players never heard of by many but the time I put in at Mankato really helps me to enjoy these games so much more. These guys are not only showing the Vikings why they should be on the roster they are also putting tape out for 31 other teams in case this player is cut.

The Vikings do currently have a few guys that made it the hard way. Cullen Loeffler won the long snapping job in 2004. He has only missed 5 games in his career. He also has on his resume the fact that he has snapped the ball for 10 of 11 longest Viking Field goals in team history.

Matt Asiata, who did a great job of filling in for Adrian Peterson had double-digit touchdowns last season for his effort.

Chase Ford, tight end and Joe Banyard also came to the roster the hard way. Yes, 2015 will have more guys after their jobs but for now they are part of the Vikings roster.

Marus Sherels living the dream played his high school football at Rochester John Marshall in Minnesota then went to college at the University of Minnesota and now the Vikings.

Adam Thielen who played high school football in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota then played college football at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota and now the Vikings. In 2014 he had 8 receptions for 137 yards and a touchdown. He also blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown at home vs Carolina.

These guys are just a few on the roster who must come back and fight to keep their job like the rest of the roster. Who will be the rookie free agent to make a big splash and make the roster in 2015? It can be done and I will be pulling for them to do it.

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