Brett Favre Made a Surprise Appearance at Winter Park


You know what this offseason needed? A Brett Favre-at-Winter Park sighting.

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Good news!

According to the Star-Trib‘s Matt Vensel, old #4 put in an appearance today at Vikings HQ. But don’t worry, he wasn’t angling for a job. It was just a friendly call!

What old friends does Favre have at Winter Park? Chad Greenway? John Sullivan? Some equipment people? The guy who used to make his jambalaya?

Surely he didn’t drop by to see Rick Spielman. Why the hell would anyone do that?

Conspiracy theorists: Is there any possibility that Favre was in Winter Park to meet with Spielman about a secret plan where Favre goes down to Texas and talks sense to Adrian Peterson?

“Adrian, look man, I know you’re upset. But you’ve got to show up for training camp. I mean look at me…okay bad example. But it’s different for you. You need to go up there and make it right. You don’t want to end up like I did, leaving in a huff and then having to kiss all their asses after you retire. Besides, you’ve got three years left on your contract and you’re not a quarterback. You’re totally screwed man. Just take whatever money they give you and be happy. You think you’re me? Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh. Something else I meant to bring up: You know that NFC title game that you helped lose by fumbling? How is it that I get all the blame for that when pretty much all you guys fumbled? Okay Adrian, good talk.”

That would not be a good idea, come to think of it.

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