Minnesota Vikings Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson Could Have A Big 2015 Season


The 2014 campaign did not go according to plan for Cordarrelle Patterson after such an exciting rookie season. As Minnesota Vikings fans well know, the speedy wide receiver did not live up to certain expectations that we had for 84.

With the exception of a good performance in week one ‘Flash’ fell from rising superstar to potential bust. The way the game is watched, analyzed, and discussed in today’s age players are under the microscope 24 hours a day. Fans, analysts, and teams are possibly too quick to demand results from players that maybe haven’t been given the opportunity to perform in the best circumstances yet.

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I’ll admit I was one of those people who were more than critical of Patterson’s sophomore season. Thinking he was going to be an instant superstar, I, along with others, may have expected too much from of the young receiver.

Last year the former Tennessee Volunteer had been in his third new offence in as many seasons. I’m sure there are other players who have dealt with learning as many offences in the same amount of time and doing just fine but not every player learns the same way or performs the same way.

There’s no doubt that the results of last season were disappointing but Cordarrelle could bounce back this year with the personnel the Vikings have added and have had return for the upcoming season.

With the addition of Mike Wallace and the emergence of Charles Johnson there is a good chance that Cordarrelle Patterson could end up being slotted at the third or fourth wide receiver spot on the depth chart. With the attention the top two receivers are going to draw in coverage and the defensive players that are going to be allocated to loading the box to try to slow down Peterson, this year could end up being a bounce back season for Patterson.

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Defences will have to respect Wallace and Johnson’s speed and try to not get burned by Adrian Peterson in the backfield at the same time. That will more than likely result in a lot of open looks for Patterson and his exciting skill set.

I really hope I was too quick to jump the gun on being as frustrated as I was with Patterson last season and he can become a threat that defences have to pay serious attention to in whatever facet of the offence Norv Turner decides to use him in. If Patterson can get back on track and become a real nuisance for defences, the Vikings may have a lethal offence for the next few years for sure.

Cordarrelle Patterson no doubt has unbelievable talent. He demonstrates that in the kick return game as well. What seems to have lacked was the rest of the demands that are required to be a good wide receiver at the NFL level. With the extra work he has apparently been putting in and the arsenal he’ll have alongside him, I look for Patterson to get back to where he was in his rookie season adding a dynamic to the Vikings offence that could take it to the next level.

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