Packer Fans Think Mike Zimmer Took a Shot at Their Team


There is no offseason for Packer fans being hypersensitive. This was proven again today when Cheeseheads, and even members of the media who cover the Packers, took a Mike Zimmer remark totally out of context and interpreted it as a shot.

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Coach Zimmer was on with KFAN personality Paul Allen Thursday morning when the subject of team-building came up. Sometimes teams like to organize activities off the practice field to foster a sense of togetherness – a notorious example would be Mike Lynn’s ill-fated Pecos River trip – but clearly Zimmer does not believe in this sort of stuff. As Zimmer told PA (via KFAN):

"Everybody keeps coming up to me and saying “Hey coach do you want to have some team-building? Are we going to have a team building day?” I said “No we’re going to work. I said we’ve got a lot of work to do. We need to get better. We’re not into the team-building thing. In my opinion you don’t get better by playing ping pong, you get better by winning. And that’s how we’re gonna team-build. We’re gonna win.”"

And this was interpreted as a shot at the Packers? Because the Packers are known for playing ping pong as a team-building exercise. Recently the Packers even engaged in a charity ping pong tournament against the Milwaukee Brewers. Ping pong is their thing and Zimmer ripped them! I guess.

Even members of the Wisconsin media took key portions of Zimmer’s remarks and ran with it as “Zimmer took a shot at the Packers.” Because Wisconsin media people are bored too:

The remark was even brought up to Mike McCarthy, cause that’s how you turn nothing into something when you’re a media stooge:


Only problem is, Mike Zimmer never took a shot at the Packers. If you consider the full context of Zimmer’s remark, it’s clear that he was annoyed with his own players coming up to him with suggestions for team-building exercises. Viking players must have seen the Packers playing ping pong and thought that would be a great thing to get in on. And they bugged Zimmer about it until he had to tell them to shut it down.

Trust me, Mike Zimmer doesn’t care what the Packers are doing and he’s not dropping random shots at the Packers into his interviews. Mike Zimmer only cares about his own team. And his own team was obviously getting on his nerves with the team-building stuff.

But sure, go with “Zimmer took a shot at the Packers” if that’s what you need to believe. Everything everyone says is a shot at the Packers. Everyone and their mom is always lining up to rip the Packers.

Most hypersensitive fanbase in the entire sports world? No question about it. And the media over there know how to play to that persecution complex. Well done, everyone.

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