Andrew Sendejo Works Out With Steel Clubs (Video)


Trainer Joe DeFranco of Austin, TX posted some interesting video of Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo working out at DeFranco’s gym, using a pair of implements that would not be out of place on the TV show Vikings, which is about actual Vikings.

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DeFranco explains what the deal is with Sendejo swinging these steel clubs in a way that looks very awkward and potentially painful (via YouTube):

"Minnesota Vikings Safety Andrew Sendejo performs a unique hip swing variation with the steel clubs made by Onnit. The clubs provide for a less stable environment and introduction of movement variation in the hip swing pattern."

As you can see from the clip, Sendejo’s famous arms are ready for the season. Now the question is whether Sendejo and his arms can beat out Robert Blanton, Antone Exum and Anthony Harris in training camp and claim the other starting safety spot.

Sendejo keeps swinging those clubs around like a berserk Viking warrior and Blanton, Exum and Harris might just bow out and let him have the job. That is not a guy you want to stand in the way of.

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