Teddy Bridgewater Only 4th Best NFC North QB Says Big National Site


Big National Site MMQB released a ranking of all 32 presumptive NFL starting QBs and our own Teddy Bridgewater…he didn’t fare so well.

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According to MMQB scribe Andy Benoit – you know, the guy Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers made fun of for saying he doesn’t like women’s sports – Bridgewater shows promise but hasn’t yet proven anything. So Bridgewater only deserves to be ranked #23 (via MMQB):

"Was tightly managed last season before showing extremely encouraging signs down the stretch. The Vikings think they have their guy. Loosen the leash and let’s find out."

At 23, Bridgewater ranks below illustrious NFL signal-callers Sam Bradford (22), Colin Kaepernick (21) and Andy Dalton (20). He also ranks below fellow NFC North QBs Jay Cutler (17), Matthew Stafford (13) and Aaron Rodgers (2).

But he’s better than Matt Cassel so he’s got that going for him!

Look folks, the easy thing here would be to get really upset and say Bridgewater and the Vikings are getting the shaft from the national media again, but let’s be reasonable: Teddy Bridgewater is #23 on this list because, quite frankly, Teddy Bridgewater hasn’t proven anything yet.

I love what Bridgewater did last year especially down the stretch, and I’m very excited to see what he can do with better receivers, a better running back and (hopefully) better pass protection.

I’m stoked to see what Bridgewater can do with a full offseason and training camp as the starting QB under his belt. He should have better command of the offense coming out of the gate, making it easier for Norv Turner to “loosen the leash” as Mr. Benoit puts it.

But these are all “what if” scenarios. A lot can still happen to derail the ascension of Bridgewater (not all of it under his own personal control). It’s perfectly valid to be excited about Bridgewater’s future and optimistic about how all this will play out, as most Viking fans appear to be. But it’s equally valid to be skeptical and say Bridgewater has yet to truly prove it on the field.

Honestly, it shouldn’t be too hard for Bridgewater to vault over both Cutler and Stafford. He’s probably doomed to always be #2 in the division behind Rodgers but who cares? I’ll take second-best QB in the division if we’ve got the best defense and best coaches.

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