Minnesota Vikings: ESPN’s best players by jersey number of all-time


People love debating everything.  Because of that, when a list is released featuring players from every team in the NFL, I’m always curious to see if any members of the Minnesota Vikings will be present on it.  And when that list includes some of the greatest players of all time, it makes it even more interesting to see how much respect the boys in purple will get.

Recently, the folks over at Sports Illustrated listed the best players ever to wear each jersey number.  They started with 00-49 in their first article and finished with 50-99.  Surprisingly, there were a significant number of players on the list who used to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Here are the complete list of players who were honored to be on this list that have suited up for the Minnesota Vikings:

Jan 28, 2014; New York, NY, USA; NFL former receiver Randy Moss at Fox Sports press conference at Empire East Ballroom at the Sheraton New York, Times Square in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

#1: Warren Moon (quarterback, 1994-1996)

  • #3: Jan Stenerud (kicker, 1984-1985)
  • #4: Brett Favre (quarterback, 2009-2010)
  • #5: Donovan McNabb (quarterback, 2011)
  • #10: Fran Tarkenton (quarterback, 1961-1966 and 1972-1978)
  • #38: Bob Tucker (tight end, 1977-1980)
  • #53: Mick Tingelhoff (center, 1962-1978)
  • #61: Jim Langer (center, 1980-1981)
  • #64: Randall McDaniel (guard, 1988-1999)
  • #67: Ed White (guard/tackle, 1969-1977)
  • #69: Jared Allen (defensive end, 2008-2013)
  • #70: Jim Marshall (defensive end, 1961-1979)
  • #81: Carl Eller (defensive end, 1964-1978)
  • #84: Randy Moss (wide reciever, 1998-2004 and 2010)
  • #88: Alan Page (defensive tackle, 1967-1978)
  • #93: John Randle (defensive line, 1990-2000)
  • The thought that 16 of the players on this list have worn a Minnesota Vikings jersey at some point in their career is amazing.  However, there are some on the list that aren’t best known for their time on the team.  For example, the Vikings tendency to go after veteran quarterbacks with success is apparent on this list, as evidenced by Warren Moon, Brett Favre, and Donovan McNabb’s inclusion.

    Many others spent a majority of their carer with the team. Pro Football Hall of Fame member Mick Tingelhoff spent his entire career with the Minnesota Vikings and guys like Fran Tarkenton, Jim Marshall, and Carl Eller are best known for their time with the team.

    Minnesota Vikings fans should be proud to see their team so well represented in this list of amazing players who have at one time represented the team.  Hopefully, the players that are on the team currently will reach the levels that some of the guys on this list have achieved.  But only time will tell.

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